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The brightest stars of EXIT Universe are — Women!

By 08.03.2023August 7th, 2023No Comments

Today, on International Women’s Day, the day dedicated to the pursuit of women’s rights and gender equality, but also on every other day of the year, the brightest stars of the EXIT Universe are the remarkable women we have for our team members, heroines, friends, colleagues, collaborators, managers, editors, coordinators, directors.

Together, they make up more than two-thirds of this large family, and day by day, bring the energy, creativity, inspiration and desire to push the boundaries.


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The music and festival industry is often, in fact, globally viewed as a male-dominated field. According to a survey carried out by RollingStonein 2021, among thousands of respondents employed in leading positions within the music industry, women make up only 35.3%. At EXIT, that percentage is almost twice as high, with over 64%.

For more than two decades, the headliners of EXIT festival have been women who can not only buy themselves flowers, but also create and manage the festival – from its budget through marketing, tourism, planning, production, recording, PR, organisation, protocol and all the other sectors of which they are an elementary part. With their knowledge, skills and abilities, they make up more than 64% of the employees and are the driving force and energy of the entire EXIT organisation.

It can be said that they “hold the purse strings“ as well since they make up 100% of employees in the financial sector, and they are equally highly represented in the hosting sector. They are the voice and face of EXIT, with more than 83% representation in the public relations department and 54.5% in marketing. They make the festivals and events organised by the EXIT group possible throughout the region and Europe, with a 75% share in the tourism sector. Finally, they shine the spotlight on important, socially engaged topics, issues, and campaigns, with a 62.5% majority in the EXIT foundation.

The female presence does not end with the festival’s organisational side but is also reflected in its audience, which comprises more than 50% women, and its multi-genre programme on all the biggest festival stages. This year EXIT festival will present a unique all-female concept at the mts Dance Arena – on the first night, the temple of electronic music will be ruled by Nina Kraviz, Amelie Lens, Indira Paganotto, Tijana T and Miju, while on Saturday, 8th July, the Arena will host Gioli & Assia live and Layla Benitez, with a female line-up also dominating the neighbouring, fan-favourite NSNS stage, which will feature Avalon Emerson, Carlita, Desiree, Cici, Raven, Katalina, Maria Karan, Asarri and Jovana Takač.

The Main Stage will present Epica, one of the leading symphonic metal bands from the Netherlands, led by the incredible vocalist Simone Simons, as well as the all-female heavy/thrash metal band Jenner, authentic singer-songwriter Sofi from the duo Sofi Tukkerand drum’n’bass selector Charlie Tee. Punk-rock diva Suzi Moon will play on the powerful Explosive stage, the brilliant Zoe Kida will perform on the Visa Fusion stage, Mimi Mercedez, Tam, Macha Ravel, and Micka Lifa will grace the Gang Beats from the 6th to the 9th of July, and these are just some of the many female artists who will be included in the festival’s line-up.

EXIT family is thankful for each of these individuals, the dedication, knowledge, and skills necessary for the success of a large family such as EXIT, for every contribution, inspiration, and every example set, for the mutual support, the inexhaustible well of ideas and the extraordinary ability to implement them, the proactivity, creativity, innovation, teamwork and energy that they bring to the EXIT team and everything that it presents to the world every day.