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What is EXIT Foundation?

EXIT Foundation is part of the EXIT Festival team that focuses on social activism. EXIT is a music festival, which came into existence as a result of youth social activism, thus becoming the core of the festival itself that EXIT founders never separate from the music spectacle it stands for.

What does EXIT Foundation do?

Using the power of EXIT brand, the mission of EXIT Foundation is its own positioning as a leader in mobilisation of public opinion and decision makers in the areas of youth development and peace promotion, creative industries, environmental protection and destination branding.

After more than a decade of continuous development, being one of the most important music festivals worldwide, with the strength of a well-established brand, EXIT has positioned itself as the leader in mobilisation of public opinion and the decision maker in the field of youth development.

Since 2013, all conditions have been met, so the clearly defined, planned and long-term focused pursuit of social activism related to connection and development of youth could start, along with the improvement of creative industries, environmental protection and destination branding.

As a result of dedicated activism and continuous work, comprising over 1000 activities, actions, campaigns and projects, the symbolic peak of socially responsible activities, represent the selection and declaration of the City of Novi Sad as the European Capital of Culture in 2021, and allocation of the prestigious title European Youth Capital 2019, due to the initiative and work of EXIT Foundation, putting together over 100 youth organisations from the entire country on this project.

Foundation’s vision and mission

Our MISSION is initiation of positive social changes and acceleration of human consciousness development by use of creative industries, top-notch global artistic, educational and humanitarian events, as the means for transfer of messages of love and freedom to the entire planet.

All this being done to fulfil our VISIONHumankind and Earth living in harmony – on both regional and global levels.