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YOUROPE calls upon European festivals to support EXIT and UNICEF campaign for youth mental health

By 22.05.2024May 30th, 2024No Comments

The leading European festival association, YOUROPE, has thrown its support behind a campaign focused on youth mental health initiated by EXIT Foundation and UNICEF. With over 125 festivals and organisations from 31 European countries under its wing, YOUROPE has called on its members to support the EXIT and UNICEF campaign at their events, thereby reaching millions of young people across Europe. 

Launched at EXIT 2023, the campaign initially tackled digital addiction, later delving deeper into the question of how connected we truly are despite our daily interactions through digital platforms. 

Addressing its members, YOUROPE emphasised that “The very essence of music festivals is to bring a genuine, authentic, and powerful human experience at the highest level.“

We are extremely happy to support such an amazing cause like ‘Life Is Live.’ Our long-time members EXIT initiated this wonderful campaign focusing on one of the most important issues of our time. Since digitalisation is playing such a big role in the development of our society today, we need to embrace the life we share with others. In person, for mutual benefit, to get inspired, to create memories, to stay sane! Festivals are the best possible environment for these experiences. Which means we are the ones that help, especially young people, to enhance mental health with real-life experiences and magical moments they share with friends and will never forget,“ states YOUROPE.

This foremost association of European festivals reminded its members that the EXIT and UNICEF initiative offers two approaches. The campaign, titled “Life Is Live,“ with the slogan “A true story lasts a lifetime,” initially focused on digital addiction, highlighting its alarming reach and emphasising the precious moments that make life authentic and can only be experienced live.

The campaign then deepened by posing the question: Are we, paradoxically, more connected yet lonelier than ever? When was the last time we had an authentic life experience? When did we last feel loved? When was the last time someone hugged or kissed us? When did we last dance? The message from EXIT Festival and UNICEF is this: let’s stay truly connected because life is live.

The goal of the campaign is also to remind young people that seeking moments that make life authentic is far more important than creating “perfect” content for social media. EXIT and UNICEF aim to highlight the immense significance of face-to-face interaction for mental health, especially for young people in the digital age.

The campaign will feature a series of activations and zones at events organised by EXIT, starting with Sea Star Festival this weekend.

Additionally, the campaign offers a resource for young people and anyone interested in this topic through the website, which will be filled with educational content throughout this long-term initiative. The campaign also directs attention to the UNICEF and OPENS platform,, where users can find valuable information about the issues young people face and verified ways to address them. The platform SVE JE OK provides educational and interactive texts for young people, and if they feel the need, they can anonymously and freely chat with experts, call, or schedule online counseling through the SUPPORT section.