“#Stayclean“ – is a message of this large national campaign for clean life without use of drugs initiated by the EXIT Foundation, with support from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia and Telekom Serbia, and the creative concept designed by McCann Beograd agency, aided by the  Drive agency.

The #StayClean campaign aims to direct young people in a fun and extremely unique way to the educational content regarding the harmful effects of drug use, which has been provided on the official website of Stayclean.rs by the Commission for the Fight against Drug Addiction in Schools. The question “Do you know where your drugs come from?”, in a brave and intriguing way draws the public’s attention to the harmful consequences of drug abuse, but also to extremely unhygienic smuggling, which should make everyone wonder whether this is something they really want in their life.

The campaign offers numerous useful and understandable information about the harmful effects of various narcotics on mental and physical health, but also offers numerous other contents, including fun video games that show in which parts of the body narcotics are being transported in extremely unhygienic conditions.

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