First World Peace

Within the framework of celebration of the large jubilee and a hundred years since the end of WWI, EXIT Foundation, in 2018, started the project “First World Peace”, in cooperation with the legendary multimedia artist and peace activist Yoko Ono.

Her conceptual installation entitled “One Day” was introduced at Petrovaradin Fortress on 28 June 2019, on the anniversary of the Armistice Day of the WWI, close to the start of another edition of EXIT Festival, one of the several initiators of peace actions in the Region. This new cultural/tourist attraction of Novi Sad and Serbia is an original work signed by Yoko Ono. The sculpture was constructed based on the motives of traditional boat called “Šajka”, used by the soldiers-frontiersmen in the times of the Military Frontier. This work of art will promote the Petrovaradin Fortress throughout the world as the Peace Fortress, and the project was realised with support by Foundation “Novi Sad 2021”, the City of Novi Sad and NIS Company through their programme “Together for the Community”.

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