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Mental Health Matters — You Are Not Alone!

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We have all suffered through something during our lives. We will all go through a loss, face feelings of loneliness and rejection, experience a lack of safety and security. We all have “the same secret.”

A topic gaining increasing traction is the importance of mental health, especially among young people. As children, before we achieve a higher capacity to face reality, we all quietly suffer, trying to understand ourselves and others.

If you witness violence, don’t be silent — react. If you’re facing difficulty, seek help. If your friend is suffering, be there for them. If you’re posting about it, keep in mind that it could be read by someone who could misunderstand your words and be triggered by them.

New generations have been maturing with EXIT for decades, and some of our fans have been mature for a while. As we keep in touch with trends and respond to the needs of young people, we also notice the challenges faced by new generations. So, we offer our support. Apart from wanting to create a world where young people will have fun, connect, rejoice, love, and understand each other, we also want these young people to grow into healthy, strong adults who will make our world a more beautiful place.

Let’s not judge each other. Instead, let’s offer each other support, kindness and compassion. Only compassion for ourselves and others can save this world that we have created.