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Free online workshops for improving business skills with Richard Barrett

World-renowned author and lecturer, Richard Barrett, will hold a series of free online workshops titled Conscious Business during October and November, with registration for this educational program being available to all interested representatives of small and medium enterprises.

The training program was launched by EXIT and Visa as a part of the Conscious R:Evolution platform, to support the SME sector during this challenging period and help business owners improve their knowledge in the field of leadership and business skills.

All those interested in the educational program can register at this link, applications are open until October 10th. The educational program envisages three workshops titled “Seven Stages of Organizational and Leadership Development”, “Building a Values-Organization Driven” and “Evolutionary Coaching for Leaders”.

“The most important values needed to run an organization successfully are trust, openness and transparency. What is important for a company is that it has a higher purpose that is greater than simply making a profit – a purpose that employees accept and that inspires them to come to work every day. Team leaders must be allowed to set their own goals. They need to build a value-driven culture”, said Richard Barrett, president of the Barrett Academy for the Advancement of Human Values and founder of the Barrett Values Center, which has so far conducted a valuation of more than 50 nations, tens of thousands of companies and hundreds of thousands of individuals worldwide.

Conscious Business educational program is the continuation of a panel of the same name, which recently brought together Muhamed Ismail, senior vice president for marketing of Visa for the CEMEA region, Mišo Lukić, founder and chief designer of the consulting company New Startegy and Dušan Kovačević, founder and CEO of the EXIT Festival, in an online discussion on the application of the concept of conscious business. On that occasion, the panelists concluded that further growth and development of the concept of conscious business is expected in the future as it improves people’s lives, creating value for all actors, both shareholders and consumers, employees, the community, the planet and the ecosystem.