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OPENS State of EXIT zone: Call for the participation of civil society organizations — this year’s focus is youth mental health

The EXIT Foundation and OPENS invite civil society organizations from Serbia and the entire region to be part of the OPENS State of EXIT zone this year.

The zone is dedicated to all topics pertinent to young people. This year, the focus is on adequate mental health care, as well as education, environmental protection, a healthy lifestyle, improving and perfecting skills, and connecting with peers in the region.

The primary objective of the OPENS State of EXIT zone is to provide support and guidance to young people through local and regional non-governmental organizations. This year, the focus is on mental health care, and it is up to organizations to come up with the most creative way to approach young people, keeping in mind that the OPENS State of EXIT zone is interactive.

Organizations must provide their basic information, a detailed description of the planned activities within the OPENS State of EXIT zone, the necessary technical conditions, and the names and surnames of two representatives in the zone.

The organizers will provide the selected organizations with the required working conditions and accreditations.

The following criteria will be considered in the selection process:

– quality and relevance of the program to the OPENS State of EXIT zone;
– previous work of the organization in the field covered by the program;
– interconnection of programs/activities with subjects covered by OPENS and the EXIT Foundation.

The application link is here, and the deadline is June 11 at midnight.

The decision on which organizations will be part of the OPENS State of EXIT zone will be made by June 15 and published on the EXIT festival and OPENS websites.

The OPENS State of EXIT zone has been one of the busiest locations at the festival for years, with workshops, panel discussions, dance classes, music, and a regional radio program broadcast live every night. That’s why this small conference of non-governmental organizations will return this year, right in the heart of the Petrovaradin fortress and this festival, which has its roots in social activism.

The theme of the festival this year is EXIT Universe, implying that EXIT is a place woven from the emotions of everyone who has ever set foot on the Fortress and that the brightest stars of the festival are indeed the visitors. We await you at the Fortress!